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Letters to the Editor

You are invited to write in with your views and opinions. Please respect our limit of 300 words; letters may be edited for reasons of space or clarity. Include your full name for publication, and your address and phone number for authentication purposes. Anonymous or unattributed letters will not be accepted except in special circumstances; offensive language and personal attacks will not be accepted in any circumstances.

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Papa Williams: Developed challenges

Tuesday January 07, 2020

LETTER: Dear editor,

This New Year of 2020 heralds in a historic and unprecedented occasion for our Cook Islands paradise – an occasion that without doubt will result in difficult and distressing decisions for business owners, families and individuals.

LETTER: Dear editor,

I was not surprised by Mark Brown's response to my criticism of his government and of Penrhyn MP Robert Tapaitau’s appalling handling of shipping to the northern islands.

Letters: Give safe water a chance

Sunday December 15, 2019

To the people of Rarotonga, Kia Orana e te iti Tangata,

Letters: Nobody is above the law

Sunday December 15, 2019

Dear editor,

Criminal private prosecution is a legal avenue provided under our laws to concerned private citizens when the independent policing and investigating arms of government are unable to carry out their lawful duties.

The conscientious action taken by Anna Rasmussen, Tere Carr, Justine Flanagan and Andy Kirkwood, who form the face and team of “Te Vai Ora Maori” should be applauded.

Has water authority (government) investigated cleaner water treatment option before making commitment to chlorinate water on Rarotonga?

The government has included a Universal Access Plan into its revised Telecommunications Bill 2019, offering concessions for internet access and services "of reasonable quality" and "at a reasonable cost" for "particular groups of persons or to persons in particular areas".

Letters: Amend the law for all

Thursday December 05, 2019

Christianity is our way of life in the Cook Islands and we are not all akatutuvaine, they are special like everyone else.

Thank you so much Louisa Wall for your tautoko in the kaupapa, I am the Cook Islands’ first transgender to have a sex change, in 1976.

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