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The Sheraton site saga has been ongoing for years.

A pat on the back from NZ

Tuesday September 05, 2017

Congratulations on printing such a good newspaper.

Talkback host asked the hard questions

Tuesday September 05, 2017

I wish to comment on the passing of one of our bravest media people, Tony Hakaoro, a political commentator and radio talkback show host, who passed away last Friday

Interestingly, Tim Tepaki’s letter to the editor of CI News on Friday September 1 finds “Paradise Threatened’s letter of concern regarding the actions of a visiting delegation of Chinese businessmen (who had openly approached local resort owners about purchasing their businesses), and the dissemination of that fact in the daily newspaper, “disturbing”.

Nothing nice about graffiti

Monday September 04, 2017

Here’s a little note for Festbo the mystery graffitti tagger. 

Fishing fine a drop in ocean

Monday September 04, 2017

We see that Vanuatu just fined a Chinese fishing vessel three million dollars for violations in Vanuatu waters. Makes the Cook Islands look pretty silly with the recent $140,000 fine approved with PM and Marine Resources minister, Henry Puna, “keeping an eye on negotiations”.

It has been a great joy and pleasure travelling through many of the Pacific archipelagos and even living there.

Immobile ship an eyesore

Monday September 04, 2017

Te akama! Shame on the directors of Pacific Schooners Ltd (PSL) for disgracing and degrading an iconic name, “Tiare Taporo”, on their rustbucket that has lain immobile for over a year in the Avatiu Harbour - ‘e vai tiraa’raa’ ua maira, ta tita, ta viivii ite ava manea i Avatiu: lying abandoned, making a mess, an eyesore in a modern Avatiu Harbour.

I refer to the letter by “Paradise Threatened” (PT), headed: “A word of warning about offers for resorts.”

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