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Letters are one of the most important parts of the paper because this is where the community has a chance to have its say. All letters to the editor received will generally be published, provided they are not defamatory or are covering exactly the same ground by the same writer.

Non du plume are acceptable, but the name, address and contact details must be provided to the editor.

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As the Pare of Ngati-Vaikai I would like to correct a statement made by letter-writer “Disillusioned Disciple” in CINews on October 2.

While I applaud the Cook Islands finally passing a law which requires helmets to be worn when riding motorbikes and scooters, the law is inadequate, selective and discriminatory in its current form.

‘We’re sick of seeing rubbish’

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Through your newspaper we hope to get some answers from whoever is the appropriate department within government.

Water issues

Monday October 09, 2017

It is not unusual at this time of the year to experience reduced rainfall and water shortages and it is happening again right now and the sprinkling over the weekend will do nothing to alleviate it.

Thank you, the writer of the advertisement about water baptism, for your rather apt response to my comments in last Tuesday’s CINews (not Monday’s as you have mentioned). 

Mark Brown’s arrogant, dismissive and disrespectful attitude toward “Big Brother New Zealand”, as displayed in the local CINews on October 5, was to me indicative of someone in meltdown mode.

In the light of several scams that have come to light in the Cook Islands recently, a CINews reader has supplied some timely information and warnings as to how they work.

My wife and I have visited the Cook Islands five times in the past 10 years, three visits to Rarotonga and twice to Aitutaki. 

There’s some good news about the landmark bus shelter in Arorangi I wrote about recently when I noticed the familiar bright flower design had been replaced with somewhat bland cream paint.

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