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Dear editor

Government made the mistake by accepting an eight-year fishing agreement with the European Union (reviewable every four years). It has given away our fish stock like peanuts with very minimal return for it.

Dear editor,

Since 1965 when we gained our independence from New Zealand, we have been flogging the same old political horse and discourse – and how has that been for you?

Letters: Shipping our life blood

Saturday October 12, 2019

Dear editor,

Taio Shipping is the bloodline to the outer islands, the Cook Islands extremities. Without our connections to the Pa Enua we are not fully embodied.

Dear editor,

Kia Orana ite aroa maata o te Atua.

Let me remind u all that 51 years ago the late Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Papa Arapati Enere (KBE) made a powerful rebuke statement at the Festival in 1968.

Letters: Tavini meitaki

Friday October 11, 2019

E maata te angaanga meitaki ta Teariki Heather i rave no te katoatoa. Kare ra tetai e ariki i tona tu meitaki.

Dear editor,

They sold our fish at the cheapest deal that the fishing boats have ever made and now they think they got a good deal for the seabed mining? Bunch of peanuts.

It’s high time some rational objectivity was introduced to the debate around chlorination, given the current attitude of Te Vai Ora and their advocates to argue every point and deconstruct historical facts (“Anti-chloriners reject water as cause of 1964 gastro deaths”, October 8).

Dear editor,

Having lived and married a local, and settled in the Cook Islands for almost 10 years now, I have gained an appreciation of the state of our nation and the inherent challenges we face going forward through a large network of friends, family, local community leaders, public servants, politicians, youth, Christians, foreign workers, social media, local news media, and whistle-blowers and of course my first-hand experience and the experience of others at the hands of some despicable employers here in the Cooks.

Dear Editor

In his brief address to a Blue Charter ministerial dialogue in New York, Mark Brown sums up in one word that the climate story headlines are due to “money”. He then goes on to say “more talk without action was no longer acceptable”.

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