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I saw it in the long queues at Rarotonga Airport, as people tried to get on planes back to their home countries.

Dear editor,

It is very sad to read on social media of employees being laid off due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can almost hear the heartbreak of the employers who through no fault of theirs, have to make that decision.

Dear editor,

Your readers will now be tightening their belts as we will prepare for the economic tsunami of the Covid-19 virus.

Kia orana editor,

Let me say how disappointed I was at the letter to the editor by your regular columnist and letter-writer Ruth Tangiiau Mavé, aka RAT Mavé. 

Dear editor,

Where is our illustrious gypsy prime Minister? As the country prepares to cut off tourism, its only blood supply, to protect the people from the Covid-19 scourge, where is Henry Puna?

Encouraging good behaviour with simple rewards of star charts and stamps or giving time on their phones are strong reinforcers.

Dear editor

Being mainly reliant on tourism, our country and its people are already feeling the effects of the pandemic coronavirus, even though we have yet to have a confirmed case. 

Letters: Dear editor,

When I come to think about the word chosen for this deadly disease “coronavirus”, I cannot help thinking about the word corona also translated in English: “Crown”.

Kia orana editor,

I’m surprised how everyone is panicking about the coronavirus. One way or another it will most likely hit the Cook Islands. 

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