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Speaking as a former police officer in the dog control division, I have to say it is very disappointing to read about people complaining about what these police officers, both men and women, have to do in the line of duty.

I was shocked and appalled to see that the tax amnesty announced by the government last year has now been broadened to include the actual tax amount owed by some careless, and in other cases unscrupulous, business owners to the tune of some $5 million in unpaid taxes.

It pains me greatly to see the Ngatangiia/Matavera Sea Eagles club, once a strong and vibrant league club, literally fall apart before the blow of the first whistle for this year’s league competition.

It is a week now since I questioned the Police’s administration of the dog registration legislation and you have published nothing from them in response suggesting that perhaps I did have a point – because had I not they would have been all over me.

I believe Teariki Terotero’s letter to the editor of CINews on Wednesday last week, wasted our time with a load of nonsense.

It is with trepidation and concern that I am writing this letter. My attention was drawn to the notice in the paper by the National Environment Service on January 26, page 13, concerning a rock quarrying project proposal in Avatiu Valley, opposite the power station.

Foreign workers’ rights revisited

Wednesday January 31, 2018

I wrote about this subject some months ago, with the premise for my original letter then morphing into a second discussing slavery and slave-like conditions in the Cook Islands.

Teariki Terotero's letter of Wednesday January 24 shows he can’t be bothered figuring out the important  things in life. Instead, he wastes our time waffling on about nonsensical rubbish.

I take issue with your headline article “Chinese buildings useless” published on January 10.

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