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Beware trailer danger

Thursday June 01, 2017

The last I looked, it was a legal requirement to have trailers intended to be towed on public roads, to be registered and warranted. 

The Employers Liability Insurance Scheme (ELI) has got employers complaining again. Whining and moaning about having to pay to recompense their workers who are hurt at work. It’s just not on, if workers get hurt at work it’s their fault isn’t it?

With Rarotonga’s past history of three bad buildings built by the same Chinese contractor, I am concerned with the fate of the Apii Nikao project, which has now started.

As an expat settled on this beautiful island I am grateful to God and some of his servants for my good fortune.

Watching the land growing

Tuesday May 30, 2017

The Land Court sitting has been rather fascinating and has involved a wide variety of matters.

It would appear obvious that Mata-Atua McNair’s recent “media-battle” with Tina Browne, wasn’t really about the purse seining issue at all.

Congratulations to Albert Nicholas on your win in the RAPPA by-election.

Although I don’t disagree with Peter Etches over the salary package of Mr Montenegro (the former Blue Sky Chief Executive), I found it more eye watering than mind-boggling - it was that painful! 

Io-ko-ko! NOT ai-e-ko-ko!

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