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In response to Wilkie Rasmussen’s article on Monday in the CI News, I can only assume that he suffered from sunstroke while writing his Tropical Chronicles article.

The National Environment Service (NES) thanks the public for their concerns and appreciates the opportunity extended to participate in this forum. The National Environment Service apologises for any misunderstanding that the complainant received when seeking answers to the questions raised.

Recently I have been riding my bike into town past the old Turangi recycling centre where there have been diggers sand mining for some weeks now. 

It’s nothing to worry about

Thursday August 17, 2017

In a Smoke Signal in CINews last Saturday a question was raised by some kind of  “worrier” who prefers to hide behind the smoke screen to air his/her concerns.

Anthem change ‘embarrassing’

Wednesday August 16, 2017

Puna Rakanui, Clerk of the House of Ariki has sure got the “conversation going” on changing the national anthem’s lyrics!

Re Saturday’s smoke signaller who asked why Koka Lagoon Cruises is taking its business to Aitutaki. 

Along with a couple of hundred other delegates, I attended an international fisheries conference last week at the National Auditorium in Avarua. 

Monday’s letter from “Unionist,” printed in Monday’s CINews, is quite incorrect.

Regarding Wilkie Rasmussen’s explanation of how busy Smiley Heather has been lately, Smiley needs to actually show results, not just get busy!

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