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The ‘Waffle Queen’ bites back

Monday December 04, 2017

George Pitt has poked the wrong snake with a stick.

Recently there was another tragedy on our roads with a death of a motorcyclist on the sea wall.

Speeches made by the Queen’s Representative, Tom Marsters last Thursday at the 25th anniversary celebration for the Punanga Nui market touched both my heart and my feelings.

Agriculture minister Kiriau Turepu’s reply to James Beer’s question in parliament on Monday about what agriculture developments are planned for the outer islands, was pathetic.

There has been considerable debate in the media recently about the helmet law for motorcyclists – there is no doubt that this law was dreamed up by the type of committee that was supposed to design a horse and came up with a camel.

“Tea Totaller’s” letter in Saturday’s CI News, raised several valid issues of concern, particularly the motorcycle helmet controversy involving our school children.

Excuse me Trevor Pitt, but in your letter “ Young not exempt from the law,” you forgot to mention anything about politicians being exempt from the law.

Exercise awareness good to see

Friday November 24, 2017

It was good to see people using Constitution Park for walking and raising awareness of the need for fitness during the for men’s health campaign that featured in CINews recently. 

As a keen observer from afar, the political landscape in the region fascinates me.

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