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It’s high time some rational objectivity was introduced to the debate around chlorination, given the current attitude of Te Vai Ora and their advocates to argue every point and deconstruct historical facts (“Anti-chloriners reject water as cause of 1964 gastro deaths”, October 8).

Dear editor,

Having lived and married a local, and settled in the Cook Islands for almost 10 years now, I have gained an appreciation of the state of our nation and the inherent challenges we face going forward through a large network of friends, family, local community leaders, public servants, politicians, youth, Christians, foreign workers, social media, local news media, and whistle-blowers and of course my first-hand experience and the experience of others at the hands of some despicable employers here in the Cooks.

Dear Editor

In his brief address to a Blue Charter ministerial dialogue in New York, Mark Brown sums up in one word that the climate story headlines are due to “money”. He then goes on to say “more talk without action was no longer acceptable”.

I too understand Ellena Tavioni’s stance (“Protect land to pass down by bloodline,” Oct 4).

Letters: Formal protest to UN

Thursday September 26, 2019

Dear editor,

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown’s omission from the United Nations photo is insulting and regretted.  

Letters: Appealing case

Thursday September 26, 2019

Dear editor,

I find it bemusing that the legal team for Te-Hani Brown are opposing the Demo Party’s Court of Appeal application.

Kia orana, 

I was not the only one who was upset to see the drone footage of the Wairau stuck on the reef and the damage being done because of this.

Dear Editor,

The Cook Islands Party Government should take careful note of the UK Supreme Court decision, ruling against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s action to prorogue Parliament for five weeks. 

Dear editor,

I sent a parcel from Mackay, Queensland, Australia on Monday 26th August 2019, addressed to my brother and my son.

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