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Tumu Manako: Taku Peu. Naai?

The most notable item with the current Budget presented by the Minister of Finance Mark Brown is the $34 increase of child benefit, taking to $100 a month.

I was interested to hear the Speaker on Thursday announce the presence here of a former Deputy Clerk of the NZ parliament, Debra Angus, to assist in a review of the Parliamentary Standing Orders and I would suggest such review is not before time.

Landowners frustrated too

Thursday June 22, 2017

I read with interest Arthur Pickering’s story of his frustration with the government for not considering the consequences of actions government takes without consultation with stakeholders.

Thank you Thomas Wynne

Thursday June 22, 2017

Saturday’s CI News had Thomas Wynne’s plea that as a culture we get around to fixing decades of turning a blind eye to the systematic sexual abuse of our women and girls and on the facing page NZ Prime Minister Bill English crowing about the $15 million that NZ is to contribute to a submarine cable to allow us to play video games all the faster.

Obviously the House of Ariki president and his advisers needed to justify to their many critics why they copied the New Zealand Maori custom of wero on their marae for the occasion of the New Zealand PM's visit.

The front page story in the Saturday edition about Rose Brown shows some political hangers-on still don’t understand the law about “vaka jumping”.

Smiley not best choice to lead

Tuesday June 20, 2017

The Demos have done it again.

Final nail in coalition coffin?

Tuesday June 20, 2017

It should be clarified that the member for Teenui-Mapumai Rose Brown made her arbitrary decision to leave the Cook Islands Party following PM Puna’s “gift” of a ministerial position (complete with large salary plus all the “ministerial extras”) which was offered to the then- Demo MP Albert Nicholas of RAPPA, to actively entice him to leave the Demo Party and cross the floor, to join with the CIP government as a new Crown minister.

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