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Friday June 28, 2019

Dear Editor

In decades of perusing the daily paper this reader cannot recall there ever being a daily editorial. That one has emerged is refreshing indeed, and no doubt most readers will be looking forward to a continuation.

Travis Moore

Dear Editor,

I must compliment you for the new policy of not allowing anonymous personal attack letters to be published. I have fought and crusaded against this for years.

Dear Editor,

Amnesia: I hope I spell it correctly. I think my good friend Papa Norman George has had such a large dose of it, he has forgotten his past.

Dear Editor,

The behaviour of government in continuing to merrily mis-govern our people and country, with typically blithe disregard and blatant arrogance, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many. As a result of dismay, desperation and economic survival, many of our people have had little choice but to abandon our tiny paradise for “greener pastures” abroad.

Dear Editor,

Kia Orana and praise the name of Jesus!

I write to voice the great sadness and grave concern of mine and those of my many community leaders who have approached and humbly requested that I write something to express how upset and angry they are.

Dear Editor,

I see the Opposition MPs have decided to “collect” their pay rise.

Dear Editor,

I see in your newspaper an advertisement from Bluesky, in which they remind people to pay their bills in a timely manner. “Failure to pay your account may affect your credit rating within the Cook Islands,” the ad reads.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your thoughtful editorial on Monday the 17th regarding the Elton John movie.

Dear Editor,

In Rarotonga on July 2, the eclipse will be already in progress as the sun rises at 7:17 am and it will end at 8:53 am.

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