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Dear editor,

I have a response to a question to me (Letters, May 28).

Dear editor,

Things are bad enough at the moment, with the lockdown and no tourists. But with the bridge rebuild and the entrance to the market closed, things are even harder for everyone at the market.

Dear editor;

I was as surprised as my client, Tapi Taio, to read on the front page of that newspaper that a brand new vessel is being constructed for him at present.

Dear editor,

Once in a while you have to put your trust in your MPs to do the right thing –this is why we voted for them.

Dear editor,

Anticipating an economic recovery strategy that will borrow from New Zealand's post-Covid push to green-light spade-ready infrastructure projects, I observe that Mark Brown is back on the chemical water treatment campaign trail.

Dear editor,

The worst is still to come!

Dear editor,

I find it somewhat disturbing the Edgewater resort is open to the public and has the repatriated locals in quarantine.

Kia Orana Editor,

I have no choice but to express my deep concern in regard to the charges Vodafone are making to the people of the Cook Islands.

In 2020, one thing is glaringly clear – no developed or developing country in the world whether wealthy or poor, will come out the other side of this Covid-19 global smackdown unscathed.

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