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Ministries team up for harbour job

Thursday December 14, 2017

Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) and the Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) are teaming up to help with the restoration and upgrading of Omoka Harbour on Tongareva (Penryhn).

Regarding the George Pitt-instituted furore with Parliamentary Opposition Office chief executive Wilkie Rasmussen last week, and the political reaction following this change of government proposal to Rasmussen:

Political chessboard gets complicated

Tuesday December 12, 2017

Analysing Observer's letter in last Saturday's edition of CI News had me thinking of the number of potential moves at publisher George Pitt's fingertips when he attempted to bring about a change of government a couple of weeks ago.

Agriculture faces huge obstacles

Tuesday December 12, 2017

I read with interest a few days ago Tina Browne's article criticising the Government's development of the agriculture industry.

Truth Seeka’s letter in Wednesday’s CINews set out to vilify Wilkie Rasmussen, a good man who as an officer of the court and legally bound by law (and morally bound by society), had no choice but to file an official complaint to the Police Service, following certain outrageous demands made of him as chief executive of the Parliamentary Opposition Office, by media personality George Pitt. 

Praise for Muri project

Friday December 08, 2017

As a resident of Muri I wish to express my admiration and appreciation for T & M Heather’s, hard-working team for the manner they are caring out the major cable laying job in the Muri Beach/Titikaveka areas.

The Minister for Environment, the Rarotonga Environment Authority (REA) and the National Environment Service (NES) thank the public for their concerns and appreciate that we are in a partnership with you in regards to the protection and management of our environment.

Concerns over tourist resort EIA

Friday December 08, 2017

There has been much debate in recent weeks over the question of “growth” of Rarotonga’s tourist “industry”.

Thomas Wynne spoke some weeks ago about changing our diets to increase our health.

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