Justine Flanagan: Water issue

Tuesday September 08, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Government is avoiding public consultation on the use of polyaluminium chloride.

The PACl ad (Saturday’s edition) mentions “the wider community”, but there has been no public meetings about the six-month PACl trial.

The Government has made no commitment to consult about the ongoing use of the chemical; only that “monitoring results will be made available”. No post-trial consultation is mentioned.

Statements attributed to the director of NES (National Environment Service) are deliberately evasive. He confirms that Te Mato Vai have a permit for “construction and commissioning”. He does not state that the permit covers the use of PACl.

Reassurances from Government “that the use of chemicals ... will not cause environmental harm” is not a substitute for a permit.

The director of NES is allowing the Government to proceed with unlawful action.

Justine Flanagan

Te Vai Ora Maori

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