Adrienne Matapuku: Barking dogs becoming a ‘nuisance’

Tuesday September 08, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor
Adrienne Matapuku: Barking dogs becoming a ‘nuisance’

In October 2019, I sent emails to various government departments regarding the dog problem and many times called the police.

I have seen so often children walking to and from school running behind the hedges or fence till the barking dogs disperse, to continue walking home.

We have dogs come in all directions, they constantly bark at passing traffic, walkers, runners, and cyclists.  It only takes one dog to bark and you have a pack of dogs barking/growling in unison especially at night to early hours of the morning.

It used to be safe to walk and cycle without dogs barking at you, until it became frightening. Now it is a nuisance.

How many of us have been involved in unnecessary motorcycle accidents involving dogs? I have. How many dog owners have actually taken responsibility for the accident(s) their dog have caused? 

SPCA provide a free neutering programme. However, neutering dogs do not stop the dogs from gathering in packs or roaming, or constantly barking at night, it only stops the dogs from producing further pups.

I suggest: Put the onus back to the owner. All dog owners’ must neuter and register their dogs (this should be certified with the name and address of the owner). Confine the dog to their homes within adequate fencing. If owners are not home put the dog on a runner. If the dog is for security purposes have the dog on a runner close to their house. If owners want to take the dog for a walk put it on a leash. If people do not take ownership of wondering dogs “put the dog(s) down”. 

I am sure some dog owners are conscientious, but for the most, this is not the case.

We know that the number of roaming dogs is a huge problem, not only residentially but also from a tourism perspective. The Government needs to employ stronger measures to eliminate this problem and enforce dog owners to take responsibility for their dog(s).

Adrienne Matapuku


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