Bruno Salvatore Briante: Helmets for pedestrians too?

Thursday June 25, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

When a law is finalised, don’t you think it should cover all aspects of why this is created and implemented?

When we talk about the helmet law and the safety on our roads, isn’t this supposed to be directed to every individual using the road in Rarotonga and the Pa Enua, whether you’re walking, cycling, riding or driving?

Shouldn’t this be standard practice to be applied across the board with everyone using our roads? If not, why create the compulsory helmet law when you can still die from reckless drivers while walking.

Secondly, where is our freedom of speech, when there was no chance provided for a proper consulting and discussion in the puna/village.

The new helmet law seem to be pushed forward to Parliament for immediate approval. We all know the MPs are entitled to some sort of vehicle allowance or transport yet most MP agreed on the helmet law yet they do not drive motorbikes. 

That brings the bigger question, are there serious actions taken for those careless, reckless, dangerous drivers causing the damage and not abiding to the drinking and driving law?

Is there justice for these grieving families who have suffered and are still suffering?

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