Chris Denny: Govt money is running out

Monday May 18, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor
Chris Denny and his security team. Chris Denny and his security team.

Dear editor,

The worst is still to come!

The Cook Islands is blessed Covid-19 has not yet reached our beautiful Islands as we watch for improvement from NZ before we open up shop again.

In the meantime the government has distributed millions to those who can show an income loss because of this crisis.

Cook Islands Security is one of many small businesses who have missed out on any grant or wage subsidy even though l have shown, twice, a substantial income loss over the last few months.

Already the gifted money is drying up and all these companies who rely on it will lose their staff and businesses.

CIS will still be out there, running at a loss, providing our essential services protecting its properties and clients with no so-called support from government in the meantime.

CIS has had to stand down 12 uniformed security officers yet somehow the opportunity to provide security at the Edgewater wasn’t offered to any security firm.

Instead government have used its police resources to provide the security service, leaving my 12 security staff out of work. How is this supposed to help our people?

The repatriation of Cook Islanders who are desperate to return is a farce also.

My fiancée is still in Australia after 10 weeks, an essential worker at the hospital, and is still being ignored by government while non-residents and ex-criminals are getting first preference to come back.

The debate on this issue on social media is also a disgrace with comments like “if you don’t speak Maori you shouldn’t be allowed to return.” l am personally disgusted with our local attitude and it is a prominent attitude throughout this island.

When there is money to hand out, or money to be made, it is who you know for sure. And it just breaks my spirit to even participate in this diabolical environment.

If it wasn’t for my obligation and commitment to service my loyal clients l would just pack my bags and spend my time with my three sons in New Zealand. My tolerance for those who manage this island is running out.

The worst is yet to come as nobody has a clue when our borders will open or when Covid-19 will get here, yet we have handed out all the reserved food way too early and spent most of the money that was most likely sent abroad to those who don’t even live here.

I just pray to God these people in charge of our survival can front up when the s*** hits the fan in four to six months’ time.

This island is shut off from the rest of the world and nobody will be there to help us no matter how much we beg for money to sustain it.

We must all come down from those high horses and all be at the same level to survive this long term economic disaster. Everybody treated the same and any money shared equally, end of story.

Chris Denny
Cook Islands Security director

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  • Comment Link Chaveux du Paradiso Monday, 18 May 2020 09:19 posted by Chaveux du Paradiso

    Chris, sorry champ but heres the advise and I think you should seriously consider. Pack up and get the hell out of that place. Dont be caught up in the worse to come as you say. Its at your sons side where you should be right now with what ever energy you have left to support them. You owe nothing to anyone on that doomed rock. The place is toxic you can just about smell it from here in Goa.
    Best of luck Chris and by the way NZ probably could do with more hard working people like you.

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