Brandon Mataio Jammae Ulfsby: Food for thought

Wednesday May 06, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

I’ve never quite understood in these golden years of tourism why the government hasn’t looked to diversify the economy.


Tourism making up 70 per cent of the national GDP makes it easily vulnerable to economic shockwaves just as much as hurricanes. So vulnerable.

Look to what Cook Islanders do best. Hospitality aka tourism is the most obvious but beyond this is also agriculture and food production which once was the bulk of economic activity for the country.

Downfall back then was largely logistics around delivering the goods to the different markets.

Hopefully during these recent golden years, we’ve set aside enough in the coffers to seriously look at remedying past errors and reinvesting in an industry that won’t disappear overnight like tourism.

The world always needs food.

Brandon Mataio Jammae Ulfsby

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