RAT Mave: Give public servants pay, not praise

Saturday April 04, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor, We have seen from hard-hit countries like Italy and Spain that those at the front line – health workers, doctors, nurses, the police, cleaners and janitors – are the ones holding the fort and defending the people from the attack of Covid-19.

Online videos show the public support, singing, clapping and cheering from their self-isolated balconies.

It has not come here yet but our first responders are working very hard.

Instead of us giving them a round of applause, or a two-metre distant air pat on the back, I’d rather see government give to our health, police workers, their promised pay rise, now – and with bonuses for overtime and danger money.

We need them, we have always needed them, now we need them to feel appreciated and loved.

Government announced they are happy to sacrifice the Pa Enua to save workers, mainly in Rarotonga, rather than give anything from their overpaid selves. In fact they are giving themselves more travel allowances

Cabinet are working first time in a long time, staying up all hours. So they should, it’s their job, and finally they have to do it.

MPs, you will have no sympathy from me: instead of wasting money travelling to the Pa Enua, give the workers your pay rise instead.

Our Prime Minister and MPs have been flying first class on autopilot for years, now we have an unforeseen bird strike and they need to land the plane on the Hudson River to save the nation.

Overpaid MPs won’t be saving you. Our health and police workers will. MPs, give them your pay rise.

RAT Mavé

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