Letters: Shipping comments ‘insult’ to private sector

Monday January 20, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Financial secretary Garth Henderson’s opening comments, “The market has failed the people of the Pa Enua” in Thursday January 16 article, “Govt sails to the rescue”, is nothing but an embarrassing cop-out.


It’s a huge and undeserving insult to our private sector entrepreneurs who really don’t deserve this load of codswallop!

 For many years now, a large number of our own people have invested millions of dollars of their own capital into starting, developing and building a variety of local businesses in accommodation, insurance, clothing retailers, craft/jewelry retailers, food eateries, etc.

They not only employ our locals and provide for their families, but also pay taxes to government, contributing to our country’s economic needs in health, education, police, welfare, etc., and especially our government’s jet-setting life-style. Ah, but for our poor and hard-working private sector entrepreneurs and their taxes, where would we be?!

 For the past three decades, Taio Shipping Ltd has virtually been the only Cook Islands shipping company providing a crucial service life-line to the Pa Enua. They have invested heavily over the years, millions of dollars of their own capital, not the tax-payer’smonies!

They have been long-time employers and taxpayers to government for many years, contributing to our coffers much-needed taxes – without any real help from government at all!

 The reality is, nobody would want to invest their monies into shipping because they too have seen like we’ve all seen; our one brave local Cook Islands shipping company being treated like crap by this administration!

I applaud Taio Shipping Ltd.

If Garth Henderson, Prime Minister Henry Puna and deputy prime minister and finance minister Mark Brown would not use their own money to buy a ship to help the country, then why would you expect anyone else to want to throw good money into a bottomless black hole called shipping, and lose all of their investment?!

To Taio Shipping Ltd and your great team who’ve contributed a truly stellar service to your people, you’ve done the best job under the circumstances, so a well-deserved and mighty thank you!

And to this administration who blame the private sector for some reasons, why don’t you guys put your own money up, instead of our money, for a new ship!

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia.


Papa Williams

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