Papa Williams: Moving to New Zealand

Tuesday January 14, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor, since our elevation to "developed nation" status on January 1, there has been a number of legitimate issues raised about the real economic risks to the economy and the private sector – private business owners who invest their own monies.

When locals, tourists and business owners all express dismay about government’s  contrived optimism, then government has a real problem.

New Zealand will always be our benchmark. Their strong primary industries provide income security, and taxes to government to pay for their country’s social services. And with their income, business owners and employees can pay for their land and water rates, power bills, telecom bills, transport, food and so on.

In the Cooks, we now have no agriculture, fishing, pearl farming and aquaculture industries exporting abroad, and employment is tenuous.

With our tourism industry likely to drop severely this year (as is also an expectation by other countries) how can our people pay for the increased cost of living?

The answer is obvious: a good number of our people will have no choice but to move to New Zealand.

What then, Mark Brown and team, what's the plan? Mine is simple: change this government now!

Ka kite e kia manuia,

Papa Williams

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