Papa Williams: Ra'ui on chemicals in streams

Friday January 10, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor, I commend the efforts of Te Vai Ora Maori leader Anna Rasmussen and her wonderful and diligent team of hard workers, who strive to research for the truth and the science of our serious concerns regarding chlorination of our water in Rarotonga, which has in the main been virtually chemical-free for many thousands of years.

For those who insist on globally-recognised water treatment alternatives to be used rather than polyaluminium chloride and calcium hypochlorite to disinfect our potable water, such as our concerned whanau and our traditional Aronga Mana leaders, maybe seriously consider a ra’ui on their streams – which would definitely be beneficial for our koura and tuna.

Anyway, food for thought, and the future! And keep up the mahi!

Ka kite e kia manuia,

Papa Williams

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