Letters: Vaka ideal for sailing to islands

Friday December 27, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Letters: Vaka ideal for sailing to islands

Dear Editor,

Maybe there is another opportunity to utilise double hulled vaka like Marumaru Atua and the likes as another option as a teaching vessel for traditional ocean voyaging and to ship small amounts of cargo to the outer islands.


It’s already being done in another group of islands in the Pacific (sorry I can't remember which ones). Food for thought. Sad to hear about our shipping company ceasing the service north. I agree, it would be a wise choice for the Government to intervene and support our shipping company to stay in operation.

Our ancestors already knew how to harness the wind to sail the vaka.

It’s about learning to work with nature, to navigate by the stars, ocean currents, marine life etc being in tune with the environment.

Protection of the oceans is always paramount with the voyagers. You’ll find that all the modern voyaging vaka have solar panels mounted to power the motors when entering harbours to berth. Our tupuna were scientists too. Look at what they achieved, sailing the great expansive Pacific Ocean like it was a highway. That knowledge should be passed down through the generations starting now. Pure, karakia, stories of old, our language, being part of a team, survival skills, adventure and building resilience etc.

Imagine what our people could achieve if they were given an opportunity, especially our people on the outer islands.

The point is, why not use the vaka to teach new skills and old traditions, also transport cargo to service outer islands. - Tekura Mitchell

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