Letters: Keep strong in the North

Friday December 27, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Government should pay or buy the necessary things for the shipping company to still have this viable option to the northern Cook Islands.


Why not? Whatever law is put in place for these companies to still service the outer islands, if it comes at a cost, the government should take care of that.

Hats off to Taio Shipping for many years of service to our outer islands transporting cargo or passengers. Yes, there have been rough and hard times through all the years but you have managed to cater our Cook Islands people as a whole... tera ua akakoromaki mai tatou ete iti tangata kuki airani l te pa enua apa tokerau, te irinaki nei na te kavamani e rapakau mai l teia tuanga tei anoano ia kia tupu rai te akateretereanga pa'i, tangata, kia kotou.

Love you all my kuki-dise people.

-Pa Matapo


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