Letters: More pressing issues than pageants

Tuesday December 24, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
A letter writer says there are more pressing issues than lipstick, hairspray and make up. A letter writer says there are more pressing issues than lipstick, hairspray and make up.

Dear editor,

1.Legal blood alcohol limits - lessen it for certain age groups!


2.Enforcement - I tire of the ongoing real life joke that uncle stopped me and asked me if I was ok to drive and I said yes and he let me keep drive but I was drunk, if we as a nation do not take a different stance that drink driving is unacceptable then we have already lost the battle and can go on asking stupid questions in parliament about why we have two different pageants in the Cook Islands.

 3. Annual change in the number of drink driving checks - why are we only ever increasing the number of times in the holiday period with regards to RBT's why can't it be non-negotiable for a year straight until it becomes socially acceptable BY ALL!! It’s not like our Police officers are inundated with so much other work!

4. Enforcement - Consistent and visible police enforcement is a powerful deterrent to drink driving. Moreover, the effectiveness of other measures, such as rehabilitation courses or alcohol interlock programmes should be paid for by those caught and 2 or 3 friends are to join so that this affects the whole group and not only the individual, because when your friend dies it affects everyone not just the person's family!! Re-offending should result in the confiscation of the vehicle for however long.

5. Road user perception on drink driving enforcement activities - this is an extension of point 4 - if people are aware that Police are out in force you are forced to seek a plan B, but it doesn't work if the Police are doing the usual stuff.

6. Sanctions - I’m sure there are many types of sanctions that like fixed fines, benefit of fines is that they have a higher benefit-to cost ratio than jail sentences and that the earned money can be used to support further measures against drink driving! &. Rehabilitation - this also in part ties back to point 4. I can keep going on and on about this but I am not paid to do the Police Commissioners Job nor the MP's that are voted in to represent the people with their increased FAT pay cheque’s that should be putting WORKABLE measures in place to collectively make a difference, because if it isn't working then why the fuck are we still doing the same shit!! We have outdated solutions for ongoing problems that have been around since I was climbing over Tere's Bars fence in Avatiu. But hey let’s concentrate on why we have two pageant committees first hey because that is what we as a nation should be putting our time and energy into!!

Alyxx Kaikura

(Abridged for length - Editor)

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