Letters: Unassuming star made big impression on island

Wednesday November 27, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

I just read this article (Unassuming star made big impression on island published in 2016) because I was watching a documentary on David Bowie and remembered our time in the Cook Islands.


I was just married and we were on a Utopian drop-out in the Cook Islands when we were hired as extras and got to meet David.

It was an experience that shaped our lives, because the film crew knew I was pregnant and hired me as an extra in soldier uniform anyway, plus they gave us a free flight to New Zealand because we were stranded on the Cook Islands.

The secretary Margarete had a big heart, and I don’t know who actually decided our fate, but my daughter was born in New Zealand because of the free flight there, otherwise I might have died in the Cook Islands due to a difficult birth.

Amazing memories about the $40 a day each we made and the free sandwiches we got.

I also remember that a film crew member disappeared in the small mountains and remained missing.

Kristine Drey

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