Letters: Merge ministries to pay teachers

Thursday November 21, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

The people of the Cook Islands need improved government services across the board. But to do so there must be trade-offs – what are we prepared to give up?


It is ridiculous that with a resident population of 16,000 we have 24 MPs, many of whom are noted for their lack of inspiring performance, and 36 Ministries or government agencies whose inefficiencies thrive on their lack of technological know-how.

Halving the number of MPs and creating a Super Ministry would save thousands of dollars that could be used to ensure quality personnel in more streamlined education, health and other government service departments.

It would also ensure public policies are more citizen-centric and focused on meeting the growing challenges of the global information society, climate change and other social and environmental impacts.

Another problematic issue is that the country is too small for two parties and there are no visionaries. Too many people / voters are stuck in the past which makes it difficult to introduce change.

Maureen Hilyard

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