Letters: Te-Hani in by-election in Atiu

Wednesday November 06, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Te-Hani Brown Te-Hani Brown

Dear editor,

The recent publication and TV media statements made by June Baudinet requires a humble response. First and foremost, her statement regarding the recent hosting of the CICC General Assembly got her slammed on social media.


First lesson for you Mama June and let it be the last, don’t talk about something that you were never part of.

Second, good that you have come out publicly to say that you’re Atiuan, we have great respect for your father, but why now, pikitia go takere Mama!

Third, you know the history that caused depopulation across the Cook Islands, it is no fault of the current MPs. In saying that, Minister Rose Brown and Mac Mokoroa are driving the development of an Economic Development Plan for Atiu, I welcome you to join and positively contribute to the Atiu Economic Development Expert Group, next meeting is on Wed 6 November but I was told you are in Atiu today, may be for the next meeting.

Fourth, the pig eradication on Atiu has been going for years, to make it sustainable is to commercialise it. I have developed a Business Plan and requires $200,000 to invest into the project. The Atiu Hunters Association was established last year and I welcome you to invest into this project to show that you’re genuine to help your Atiuan people, for a start!

Fifth, the flying doctor program to service Ngaputoru is already in the planning once the rebuilding of the doctors residence is completed this financial year.

Just to make it clear to the Cook Islands people.

Lastly, Atiu is already great again with the developments that has taken place over the last year and to come after the 14 November. The CICC General Assembly can testify to that, in fact, it flooded the social media the last two weeks, and our very own people that returned for it, can also confirm that.

Mama June, I urge you to listen to what the people of Areora, Ngatiarua and Tengatangi have said to you during your campaign because I know it all. It is a race that you will never win and the best thing that you could do is save your last race to take care of yourself.

We know that no one on Atiu wanted to stand against Te-Hani in the coming by-election for the reason that improvements on Atiu has already taken, and you have seen it with your own eyes.

It is only those who hate Super Brown because of its business dominance on Atiu are ill-advising you. Listen to your own heart and do the right thing before the November 14 – withdraw!

Kia koe e Papa Norm, kua oki takare te ata ki Mokoero, kua tae takare te meitaki ki Atiu e te tere nei ki mua. Vaio nate iti tangata ote ANT e iki note meitaki.

Te-Hani for ANT (Areora/Ngatiarua/Tengatangi)

Tauraariki Williams

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