Letters: Criminalising same-sex couples is against Constitution

Wednesday November 06, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

To try and legislate against men and women is hubris.


To further try and legislate against men and women’s personal private relationship behaviour, by an entity created by private people (government) to uphold and protect their private property (which includes rights) is even more nonsense, from a law and human rights perspective.

Anyone proposing this legislation, needs to take a basic lesson in law as well as the Constitution.

I do not personally agree with same sex behaviour and I am apolitical, to make my view clear.

At the moment in the Cook Islands, as in other Island nations along with New Zealand, there is an abysmal lack of knowledge and interest in understanding how governments are meant to serve us.

Governments like it this way, as they can manipulate us easily and at any time. Until we educate our people in this very serious matter of governance, we will be continually frustrated with it at every level.

There is a much higher Law, which people including the government always seem to avoid, the Sovereign Laws of the Bible – which governments fraudulently assume their “authority” from.

Men and women know that nature, morals and ethics are written into their very beings, and one day, they will need to give account for their behaviour to The Judge who is higher than any worldly jurisdiction or kingdom.

Warren Wichman


Dear editor,

It is somewhat high-handed for Kata to insinuate in your paper (Nov 5) that Elikana and us the iti tangata Kuki Airani are ignorant and intolerant just because we don’t think and feel like him on sodomy.

Restore in full the 1969 Act on indecent acts between males.

Papa Tui Short


I will support the committee against the practice of immorality of men-marry-men and lesbian as well.

I was one of the protesters against the homosexual law reform bill 1985 here in New Zealand.

Even though our protest failed lack of petitions to Parliament, God never failed.

Please Elikana and the committee, save our country Cook Islands, bless you all.

Mii Daniela


Dear editor,

The Bible condemns tattoos, eating pork and many other things commonly practiced in the Cook Islands. It is also significant that no English translation of the Bible explicitly condemned homosexuality until the late 1940s.

The Cook Islands government is choosing to reject the spirit of aro’a and instead promote unjust British colonial laws that explicitly contradicted traditional Polynesian cultural beliefs and practices.

It saddens me that a country and people I love deliberately choose to criminalise people like me for no justifiable logic or reason.

The anthropological and Biblical scholarship evidence is clear, the disapproval of the LGBT+ community is the result of European traditions and prejudice.

It is sad to see the Cook Islands rejecting their traditions and respect for people whose orientation and gender do not fit an arbitrary binary construct, in favour of a discredited European model not supported by science.

Dr Patrick Chapman

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