Letters: ‘Ridiculous decision’

Monday November 04, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor

How ridiculous! Absolutely atrocious. I’ve always been so proud to call myself a Cook Islander but today I’m extremely disappointed and ashamed. For a country who prides itself on forward thinking we’ve gone back to the dark ages!


How was this decision (on criminalising homosexuality) made? Was there extensive research made on this subject? Do people realise that this drastically affects their cousin, aunty, uncle, son, and daughter?

I demand that this be reversed for the sake of our future generations.

Young children who are just getting in touch with their sexuality are now going to be afraid to be themselves. The straight ones will now think that there’s something wrong with their peers and their mates will become victims of further abuse. Now you’ve made the name calling, the torture ok because they are labelled as criminals.

Right this second we’ve been classed in the same category as countries in the Middle East - all that’s left is for us to add stoning! Ridiculous right?

Yes the Cook Islands are a Christian country but shouldn’t we be leaving the judging to god? Is this same panel going to criminalise marriage before sex as well because according to the bible that’s sin and Lord Almighty I’m pretty sure there are hundreds who are de facto couples?

Are you going to jail liars, people who are disrespectful to their parents, people who don’t observe the Sabbath, people who cheat on their spouse? This highlights the absolute injustice and hypocrisy of this Bill. Disgusting!

To anyone out there who is reading this and you are troubled by it, fear not! Stand up and be strong! Keep your chin up! You are lovingly and perfectly made in God’s image. God is perfect and He does not make mistakes. God loves you just as much as the person next to you who didn’t have to go through all of this. You are loved and you are special. Anyone who tells you otherwise needs God in their life.

Don’t let this stain on history define you. Be you and be proud of the individual you are. Please consider reversing this ridiculously archaic law!

This is a country for every Cook Islander; every shade, every religion, every gender, every stature and every sexuality!

Mo Hosea

Editor’s note – The select committee scrutinising the Crimes Bill is making recommendation to retain clause(s) which criminalises homosexuality, from the current Crimes Act 1969. This ban will now be extended to women. The Bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament in February next year.  

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  • Comment Link Dr. Patrick Chapman Monday, 04 November 2019 12:17 posted by Dr. Patrick Chapman

    Meitaki ma'ata Mo.

    Let me add the Bible condemns tattoos, eating pork and many other things commonly practiced in the Cook Islands. It is also significant that no English translation of the Bible explicitly condemned homosexuality until the late 1940s. The Cook Islands government is choosing to reject the spirit of aro'a and instead promote unjust British colonial laws that explicitly contradicted traditional Polynesian cultural beliefs and practices. It saddens me that a country and people I love deliberately choose to criminalize people like me for no justifiable logic or reason. The anthropological and biblical scholarship evidence is clear, the disapproval of the LGBT+ community is the result of European traditions and prejudice. It is sad to see the Cook Islands rejecting their traditions and respect for people whose orientation and gender do not fit an arbitrary binary construct, in favour of a discredited European model not supported by science.

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