Letters: Uproar over same-sex ban

Monday November 04, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

Cook Islands Tourism promote values which they say reflect “our unique and modern way of life”, but there’s nothing modern about the decision reported by Cook Islands News, not only to retain old laws about homosexuality, but extend them to women as well. 


It doesn’t quite make the Cook Islands unique either but it does mean the country is alongside appalling regimes such as those in Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Myanmar and Uganda with its long outdated attitudes and laws. 

Your editorial is spot on when it points out, MPs are “right to listen respectfully to church leaders, but they are not right to unthinkingly acquiesce to their demands”.  

There’s no doubt this decision will get worldwide attention just as the decision earlier this year to ban Elton John’s “Rocketman” film.

It will rebound and tourists will vote with their pounds, dollars and Euros and look to other destinations for their holidays. So much for the kia orana values. The Cook Islands is a beautiful country with beautiful people and I hope it won’t give into blatant bigotry. 

John Roberts

Cheshire, England

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