Letters: ‘How dare you Mark Brown’

Monday October 07, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown addresses the Blue Charter ministerial dialogue, at the United Nations General Assembly. 19092431 Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown addresses the Blue Charter ministerial dialogue, at the United Nations General Assembly. 19092431

Dear Editor

In his brief address to a Blue Charter ministerial dialogue in New York, Mark Brown sums up in one word that the climate story headlines are due to “money”. He then goes on to say “more talk without action was no longer acceptable”.


Well excuse me Mr Deputy Prime Minister, pray tell what have you, Prime Minister Henry Puna and the Cook Islands Party government been doing these past six years? I’ll tell you in one word, “nothing”.

Puna tells the world we are going to be 100 per cent self-sufficient by 2020. It’s now October 2019, where are the solar lights on the roads? Where is the mandate for all new buildings, private and commercial, to have solar power heating, and more? Where are the electric cars and trucks on our roads? 

After his announcement, Puna bought a line of petrol cars for some international meeting. He could have made an environmental statement, he didn’t. Recently he ordered four electric cars $60,000 each gifted to his independent MPs so they don’t walk from CIP?

Brown talks money, you just ordered to pay yourselves an extra $700,000 a year pay rise which the tax payers have to fund – all into your pocket, not our environment, or lagoon. You won’t even sit in Parliament and do the work you’re paid to do, but you can fund a new rebuild.

Your illustrious leader has sacked the only person walking the talk with protecting our oceans, Jacqui Evans, because Cook Islands Party government are pushing “let’s get money from the seabed” agenda, and she is in the way. Then while you are on your “I am holy than thou” speech you hit the pay dirt – not only do we want full access to your Green Climate Fund, we want it at 0% interest for the next 100 years. Yeah way to go, Brown, keep the Cooks begging tradition at the forefront of the talks.

It’s a classic gaslighting move where you act the victim, and call on the sympathy when the core reason is self-serving? Why should any respectable large economic nation pay lip service to your demands when you haven’t shown the slightest interest in addressing how and what we as a nation can do towards improving our own attitudes and actions towards climate change issues?

Perhaps if you could have shown by example like Palau has and said we no longer have single use plastic on our islands; we have reduced petrol, diesel use and carbon emission by this amount; we have planted and growing more fruit and vegetables and reduced the amount of imports therefore reducing our carbon foot print on every purchase; or we decided to put a recent pay rise motion towards combating climate change affecting our northern islands from flooding, then maybe, just maybe, someone might have said “good on ya mate, let’s see if we can help you do more”. 

And maybe, just maybe, they would have let you into the photo because even though you weren’t dressed in a suit like Kiribati, they could see you have given the shirt or jacket off your back to help your people and your country.

RAT Mave

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