Letters: Support for sacked environmentalist not surprising

Thursday October 03, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Jacqui Evans, the former director of Marae Moana marine reserve. 19100855 Jacqui Evans, the former director of Marae Moana marine reserve. 19100855

Dear Editor,

It was no great surprise reading in last Saturday's Cook Islands News issue, that seven of the eight Street Poll participants unequivocally supported our very own home-grown environmental champion Jacqui Evans.


What was even more revealing was that all seven women polled firmly supported Evans, with the sole male supportive of the government’s position. Intentional or not, that revelation was pretty damning of the fact that for the past 50-odd years of male politicians arrogantly mismanaging our country, our Ipukarea's full potential of all of our varied economic opportunities has never really been fully realised.

Perhaps those polled, may subconsciously be more representative of gender-equality and a more appropriate group of future leaders, that may actually better embrace that democratic mantra of: "Of the people, by the people, for the people."

A far better group of future leaders who would actually listen to the concerns of our people, while honouring them with the simple regard and respect they deserve. After all, if it takes a village to raise a child, then surely it takes our people collectively ("village") to raise a country ("child"), rather than a government who just callously ignores its own people.

 As for Evan's sacking, her support of the seabed mining 10-year moratorium as supported by the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum, simply gave government the excuse needed to sack her. After all, they couldn't exactly sack her for winning such a prestigious and internationally-renowned award without some sort of "just reason", could they? Of course not!

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia,        

Papa Williams.

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