Letters: Reaching for the stars

Tuesday September 10, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Kia orana editor,

I want to pass on some suggestions for the new name of the Cook Islands and when you guys should announce it, if possible.


It would be good probably during the Cook Islands rugby league match against the USA in Florida this November 16, but that's depending on how the vote/decision is conducted.

As for the names, as my Polynesian isn’t too good but I've done research into linguistics and have some understanding of Polynesian history”

* Tangata-whetu (star man): Reflecting the flag of the Cook Islands and in general the human race (we are made from the stars!)

* Moanaroa (ong ocean): This is reflecting on the long ocean voyage of the Pacific that the Polynesian ancestors made.

In general those are the types of things that would need to be considered when re-naming the Cook Islands.

I for one am supportive of the re-naming and one that truly reflects the Cook Islands, the Maori and Polynesians.

This day mark a new day in history for not only the Cook Islands, Polynesia and the world. Please pass it on to the relevant people.

Kia Mihi,
Damian Spencer

Editor’s note: The proposal is to change the name Te Kuki ’Airani, not to change the name Cook Islands.

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