Letters: Be careful what you wish for

Thursday August 08, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Letters: Be careful what you wish for

Dear editor,

I write in support of Papa Williams’ letter in yesterday’s edition of Cook Islands News.


Be careful what you wish for your citizens of Rarotonga and I say this after my own experience with chlorine in Christchurch over the last few years since it was put into our water supply, against the wishes of the citizens of Christchurch.

Briefly the following effects took place:

1.      You could smell the chlorine.

2.      You could taste the chlorine.

3.      Many parents reported that children who had skin issues, their conditions worsened.

4.      Most of the citizens were forced to buy bottled water.

5.      Thousands of hot water cylinders had to be replaced at huge expense to the home owner due to a chemical reaction between the chlorine and the copper tanks, which caused the cylinders to fail.

The citizens of Christchurch were outraged over this and still are. So do be careful of what you wish for and remember chlorine gas was used in World War 1 to kill soldiers.

Gerry Mitten



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