Time to man up and send back reluctant MP

Thursday July 04, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Albert Nicholas is wanted in NZ. 18120906 Albert Nicholas is wanted in NZ. 18120906

Dear Editor,

As a proud Kiwi citizen of New Zealand Māori and Cook Islands Maori heritage, I have much aroha and patriotism for both Aotearoa, my country of birth, and our beautiful, tiny Te Ipukarea paradise I have had the privilege of calling home, for the past 27 years.


Through thick and thin for many years now, Aotearoa has supported our Kuki Airani time and time again, from financing and developing a new airport and hotel project, to assisting us during the mid-90s when our then government had a financial brain-freeze, resulting in massive depopulation of many thousands of Kukis to depart abroad.

In 1997, Cyclone Martin wreaked havoc that Kukis everywhere had never ever seen the likes of before. Our Kuki and Kiwi whanau everywhere and the New Zealand government just opened their arms, hearts and compassion, and took care of us.

Like all our Manihiki people, I had never been so grateful and more proud to be a Kiwi, what with the unconditional help and long-term commitment we received from New Zealand in helping to get our island back on its feet. So much respect and aroha to Aotearoa for their help!

Now New Zealand seeks to extradite a rather reluctant Cook Islands Party government member, who really should just man up and go back to Aotearoa, and sort his crap out.

Come on Prime Minister Henry Puna, show some gratitude for the help our island received – it's now up to you to show the New Zealand government and the international community that you really are a true leader, and send RAPPA MP Albert Nicholas back to answer the allegations he's facing.

So, please restore our honour as a nation, and yourself as our Prime Minister, just man up and try doing the  right thing as far as this matter goes – acquiesce to New Zealand's extradition request, which we can only trust and hope may go some way to restoring our sense of mana, integrity and pride for our Ipukarea and Basileia.

Ka kite e kia manuia,

Papa Williams


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