Impact on Mama and Papa vendors

Friday June 28, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Teremoana Napa has won over countless passersby with her love of local fruit. 19062416 Teremoana Napa has won over countless passersby with her love of local fruit. 19062416

Dear Editor,

Reading the revelation of Punanga Nui market's proposed market hut and tent rent review at first left me bemused and gobsmacked at the sheer stupidity of those who would moot such an outrageously irrational and unsustainable increase.


 That was immediately followed by my very real concerns that those who would openly support such a forced closure proposal, didn't take into account the repercussions, with an imminent recession coming our way.

Who in the dickens would even contemplate the sort of increases the market administrators deem acceptable?

The increases means “tenters” will need to raise prices by 34 per cent to cover that increase, so a $3 cupcake increases to $4.

“Hutters” will need to raise prices by 133 per cent to cover that increase, meaning a $5 paw-paw is now re-priced at $11.65. This is how a vicious inflationary cycle begins, leading to huge economic upheaval!

There really is nothing to stop management increasing Tenters’ rent by 133 per cent as well. And should they decide to ramp up their efforts to increase their revenue, well, the Tenters’ occupied space is big enough to build a new hut to be rented out at $70.00!

After all, they're only public servants – not from the private sector, those who would actually make better business decisions, by better understanding any repercussions that would affect their businesses. They're just public servants who don't give a damn!

At 4pm, they lock their office, lock the public toilets (with no concern if businesses or tourists are still transacting business) safe in the knowledge that irrespective of the Market Vendors' troubles, these public servants will continue to get paid.

A global recession is imminent – and you guys treat our Mama and Papa vendors like this, who as taxpayers own the Market, and also pay your salaries and wages! Insanity. Surely you know?

You never bite the hand that feeds you.

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia,

Papa Williams.

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