Whistle blowers versus muck rakers

Thursday June 27, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Norman George. Norman George.

Dear Editor,

I must compliment you for the new policy of not allowing anonymous personal attack letters to be published. I have fought and crusaded against this for years.

 As a controversial figure, unafraid to express informed opinions, I suffered enormously from personal attacks from cowards who would never put their name to paper.

I used to describe them as cockroaches hiding under rocky crevices. I got attacked two ways, either critical of what I said or, a second way, by blaming me of being the anonymous letter writer of something they did not like. Thanks to your predecessor Cameron Scott, he set the record straight that I always put my name down to my letters and that I was never a member of this filthy club.

The main instigators of anonymous letter writers are politicians, especially Cabinet ministers. As most of them are incapable of putting together stinging letters, they are never short of henchmen specialising in the trade.

If a person wishes to dish out alleged dirt and personal attacks on others, then let them put their name down. A simple qualification is to have the courage to face your adversary.

The long-standing excuse was the threat of retribution or loss of job for whistle-blowers. This can easily be distinguished.

A whistleblower is different to an abusive letter writer. As you indicated, whistleblowers will be let through if evidence is produced.  Good, excellent!

Editor, you have uplifted the reputation and standing of journalism in our country.

The Fourth Estate has climbed up many notches after languishing at the bottom for so many years.

- Norman George

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