‘Papa Norm has forgotten his past’

Wednesday June 26, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Lawyer and former MP Norman George. Lawyer and former MP Norman George.

Dear Editor,

Amnesia: I hope I spell it correctly. I think my good friend Papa Norman George has had such a large dose of it, he has forgotten his past.


Maybe from the lofty heights of his new high horse the air is very thin, so let me just help him down a few pegs so his ole slippers can touch the ground again.

I just about fell out of my wheelchair when I read his comments about “changed political loyalties”.

In 1983 he was elected as a Demo party candidate, then in 1992 he formed the Alliance Party.  He then changed the name to the New Alliance Party, was sacked as deputy prime minister, defected to the Opposition, and got it back when he supported Maoate.

The New Alliance merged with the Demo Alliance Party and he was sacked again in 2002. He set up the Tumu Enua Party then came back into power under the Cook Islands Party in 2006. He tried to come back as a Demo in the 2014 election and was defeated by Brown then stood as an independent in 2018, receiving just seven votes.

So let me get this straight, Papa Norm wants to warn us all of the dangers of changing allegiance and yet he has changed at least seven times? Come on Pap, your political career teaches us what not to  do when in politics.

Teariki Terotero

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