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Bishop: ‘Go, and sin no more’

Monday June 24, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Bishop Tutai Pere. Bishop Tutai Pere.

Dear Editor,

Kia Orana and praise the name of Jesus!

I write to voice the great sadness and grave concern of mine and those of my many community leaders who have approached and humbly requested that I write something to express how upset and angry they are.


It is over how several writers, mostly foreigners, come blasting and bombarding your newspaper and social media singling out the rights of freedom of a certain population of people within our Cook Islands society and the world at large, namely our LGBTI community.

These writers grossly make it sound and seem like we are mistreating, brutalising, abusing our beloved sons who are identified as tutu vaines, like the outside world do theirs. They use foreign and alien languages such as criminalisation, marginalisation and victimisation to put enormous pressure upon our effeminate sons like herded flock of sheep or school of fish driven to a corner for a kill.

I wish that some of these writers were born, raised and lived as Cook Islanders to really understand how closely-knit families were and still are in our Cook Islands society, regardless of what gender they are born into.

Our tutu tane or tutu vaine children are all treated the same in every home. Sent to school, join sports, go to church, participate in dancing and cultural activities, work together with the rest of the family, take up good careers, some marry and others don’t …

Where and when have we ever seen our beloved sons and daughters victimised, as some criminally-minded people put it, like they do in their own so-called high powered and affluent societies? Persuading them that they need to form an association, form their own club, draft out some legislation to guard, protect and secure them from unseen future forces and persecutions that may come their way.

They were once free in their own family, community and society to which they once belonged, but now they are daily ill-influenced, driven like overseas LBGTI for safety’s sake to have their own bars, club houses, entertainment venues, own Mardi Gras Day of Celebration and so forth.

Who now is isolating, marginalising, separating who?

This is an absolutely anti-God, anti-Christ, blatantly humanistic valueless utopian blasphemous trick of the devil propaganda.

Our sons and daughters were, and still are, Christians as raised by all their loving and respected parents, and were all treated equal and the same in every home.

But now, and sadly badly influenced by the outside world, they are made to feel ashamed of who they are.

Sin is sin, whatever form or shape it takes, big or small; penalty of sin is death both physically and spiritually.

The best example that the Bible portrays is of a most loving God, sinless as he was, yet choosing to die and shed his own blood to restore sinful humanity back to him, is found in John 8:10-11, where Jesus said unto a prostitute caught in the very act, condemned by Jewish religious leaders to die by stoning: “Neither do I condemn thee, go, and sin no more.”

The arrogance and pride of one, who in kinda-like a threatening and intimidating manner dare says, that he will rally to bring the full force of the law to bear upon our tiny Cook Islands God-fearing nation if our local censorship ban continues.

What fantastic and appropriate time to do precisely that against another world war that is looming and brewing between the US and Iran, the current outbreak of political violence, protest, riots and terrorism in and amongst the very countries who have already legislated and made it law for gay people to be legally married.

Over 500 of our forefathers innocently volunteered to join the New Zealand army to fight in the 1st and 2nd World Wars; many died in the line of duty while there, wars that they had absolutely no reason to be there. If laws seem to be the big thing to try to settle whatever issues we come up with, where were all the brilliant lawyers of that time to stop those two world wars, with another brewing up right now?

The Queen, I believe, did not award Elton John a knighthood for his lifestyle but his professionalism in songs and music and charitable services to the community, as she did to the Beatles, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Edmund Hillary, our very own Sir Tom Marsters and a whole lot of others.

No one gives us forgiveness of sins like Jesus Christ did on his cross when he cried out, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. God bless our Godly Christian heritage of the Cook Islands.

Bishop Tutai Pere

Apostolic Church,

Cook Islands