Politicians: Any pay rise undeserved

Thursday June 06, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Deputy PM Mark Brown and PM Henry Puna (left) Deputy PM Mark Brown and PM Henry Puna (left)

Dear Editor,

I don’t blame the growing public disgust and outrage over government’s plan to consider increasing the pays and perks for members of parliament. 


For the small fraction of time they spend in Parliament each year, any increase in the remuneration package for MPs would be totally undeserving and unfair to say the least, regardless of how many years have passed since the pay rate was set.

In any case, and much like myself, I am certain that the voters of this country would be keen to learn the formal position of the Demo Party about the proposed salary boost for MPs. Do the Demo Party caucus support this initiative from the CIP or not?  If yes, can they justify their reasons? 

A formal statement about this very matter from the leader of the Opposition, Tina Browne, would be useful.

Apart from whether they deserve an increase or not, for those MPs who miss out on a second government salary (such as an assistant ministerial posting), how about pegging any salary increase MPs get to the same percentage increase given to public servants?

Fair Go

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