Govt throws all ethics aside

Thursday April 11, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Kia orana Editor,

I was stunned to see live on Facebook yesterday, the MP for Avatiu/Rappa being sworn in as an MP.


This was presumably to avoid the seat becoming vacant, since he had not been here in Rarotonga all this time, dealing with his “medical issues” down in NZ.

And then we get to see the news that there is still a warrant for his arrest in New Zealand on a charge of unlawfully taking a vehicle.

Have things truly become so desperate that this Government is willing to toss all ethics and honour aside, in our Parliament no less, simply to cling to power by whatever means necessary?

I have in my life never heard of such a thing as this happening before anywhere and I am ashamed of them - they have made us a laughing stock of the Pacific.

I also cannot fathom why CI News, in its story appeared to gloss over this debacle in Parliament, by simply stating the MP had “made headlines for the wrong reasons”.

Every time I think we can’t stoop much lower in politics here in our country, these guys manage to scrape even lower into the gutter.

I just hope someday our children, if they haven’t learned all the bad habits from us already, can do what we have failed to do, which is to institute the political reforms we need to enable us to move forward and be the progressive, caring, innovative country that we all know we can be in future.

Just not now, with these clowns running the show, they are an abject disgrace to us all.

Yours in anger and frustration,

E.T. Tangata,

Editor’s Note: The CI News has broken the stories concerning Albert Nicholas and brought them to the public’s attention. We have done so in a fair – and legal – manner. We will continue to report issues as they come to hand and we will do so as experienced journalists who understand the law, not as dinner-party gossipers. - Richard Moore






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