Waiting for potential by-election petition

Monday March 25, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

With the Electoral Office’s release last week of the official and final Atiu count confirming Independent Te-Hani Brown with 80 votes,  and Demo’s Nandi Glassie securing 50 votes, we now await a period of seven days to see whether or not the Democratic Party will file a petition alleging voting irregularity during the election.


No doubt, there will be some wanting a petition to be filed (as long as there is proof that will secure a petition victory), while a smaller number of people will not want a petition to be filed (nervously hoping that there is no verifiable proof to be found).

And the last lot of naysayers will simply insist that it’s a waste of time anyway (likely based on the Demo’s past history of petition failures), and that they’re probably fed up with all this rubbish politics, and have had enough of it!

Well, that may very well be the case for many in our society, but the reality is, we have rules and laws that we are all legally and morally bound to abide by, and must follow. And for those who choose to depart from our own legislated laws and intentionally break them, the consequences are legal action which may result in prosecution and possibly prison time. As an example, a recent case involving fraud was clearly able to be proven to the satisfaction of the court based on the evidence provided, and the result was imprisonment. So obviously, evidence of real proof is vital!

Our society has laws for our physical, moral and spiritual protection and wellbeing, and we collectively entrust to those we believe in, to  protect  our society. Which is why we have these laws in place, because sometimes even the very ones we have privileged with election (some, not all) have been found to be corrupt in a court of law, and dealt to by the High Court, sometimes involving a term of imprisonment.

Thus, it is logical that should a petition be filed by the Demos regarding the Atiu TAN by-election, then it will only proceed because, 1. They have the lawful right to file said petition, and also the funds to proceed; 2. They clearly believe they have sufficient evidence and proof to proceed, and 3. Finally, not only is it the right thing to do as far as our society goes, but it is also an inherent expectation from many, who want no stone left unturned to see that this by-election was clear of any irregularities.

Without doubt, the next following weeks may see some huge repercussions for those who may have erred, intentionally.

And as a result of their own actions, there is likely to be some major political fallouts, allegiances...and change.

Bring it on!      

Papa Williams

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