Te-Hani ‘lost the respect of her voters’

Monday March 04, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Independent candidate Te-Hani Brown. 19030346 Independent candidate Te-Hani Brown. 19030346

Dear Editor,

Former Demo MP Te-Hani Brown’s lesson to learn from her brief sojourn into politics is quite simple: “Get into politics for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons!”


In this case, it became immediately clear to all of us in the 2018 election that her role was not only as a stand-in candidate for her father Taoro Brown (at least until such time he became eligible to stand himself), but that it was always obvious that she would become a political puppet - especially if she won her seat as a Demo candidate in the 2018 Election.

As a political puppet, she will be deviously manipulated by other unscrupulous persons who have their own political agenda, and who will not hesitate to stoop to using Te-Hani Brown’s new, but engineered status as a youth leader and advocate, to deceive others in convincing them to then elect her as their new MP.

For them, accomplishing this fake plan of theirs, would be mission accomplished, and allow them to implement their own agenda with “their” new Demo MP!

Well, that is exactly how it seemed to have happened. As we now know, Taoro Brown nominated his daughter Te-Hani to stand as a Demo candidate in the 2018 election because he was ineligible.

Despite adamant and very strong reservations from many Demo party supporters and the Demo caucus members that Taoro Brown and his daughter couldn’t be trusted to be loyal to the Demo Party organisation, her nomination was accepted due to the Demo Party executives’ policy of not interfering in any Puna Committee candidate selections.

Yes, history now shows Demo candidate Te-Hani Brown defeated CIP candidate Nandi Glassie in the 2018 election, to be the Demo MP for Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua.

Then on January 22 this year, the Demo MP Brown defects from the Demo team to join the CIP-led government, officially resigning from the Demos within mere weeks of her defection, leaving behind a lot of super-perplexed, confused and really angry Demo supporters all devastated by her betrayal!

And because of Te-Hani Brown’s despicable action, there is a by-election to be held on March 18, where she is seeking re-election as an independent candidate.

Well, there is little chance of that happening.

For one reason - she has lost the respect of her voters who had already elected her as a Demo, only to betray them; so no, she does not deserve that privilege!

As the saying goes, “No matter what anyone tells you, there is evil in this world, and all it takes for it to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.

Please, do something to defeat this ... and give your vote to a deserving Nandi Glassie!                                 


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