Glassie ‘a humble man’

Monday March 04, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In your newspaper dated February 25, minister Mark Brown publicly admitted how easy it is for the Cook Islands Party-led coalition government and Te-Hani Brown to waste public money on by-elections when he said if the Demos really care about the cost to the country, they should leave the seat unopposed.


Minister Brown, any illegal dirty politics in the Cook Islands under a Demo-led government, for the sake of good governance, will be challenged to avoid corruption.

You might learn some lessons from the true Atiuans in the constituency of Areora, Tengatangi and Ngatiarua where they first smelled corruption when Apii Porio and Maara Tairi were suspended from their jobs last year.

And again when Te-Hani Brown defected from the Demo camp to save her mother’s job, not because of Atiu. What they did was shame the whole Atiuan community in front of the entire world.

The description of Nandi as a “lamb” is the right choice, surprisingly. A humble man, he has done the hard work of getting the solar system to Atiu, the crusher, the underground power cables, the road, airport tar-sealed, and harbour budget approved while he was a minister.

Minister Rose Brown has just been at the receiving end.

Minister Mark Brown, it might be the ultimate surprise of your life when Nandi shakes your hand again in parliament after March 18.

Bring it on

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