Lock up the scammers

Tuesday February 26, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

I am back for a while and wanted to reply to your article on the front page yesterday about trade practices.



These wedding scammers should be married and locked up separately and must never be able to operate in Raro again at all.

I talked to a bro in the know and he said that Intaff would be on to them quick with a thing called the Fair Trading Act and that should sort them out, and even better when they come to Raro.

But I am more concerned with how the governmentt is going to rip off the people with this Te Mato Vai thing where they are going to charge everyone for water which is not theirs.

They have a big problem coz they caused the mess right from the start by not using good trade practices.

They said it would cost $50 million and now it is $100 million so where is the extra money coming from?

It think it means that a lot of departments will miss out in the Budget this year because of bad trade practices by the government.


Editor’s note: We understand there will be a free amount of water for everyone, but if a household exceeds that then they will need to pay.

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