We are no simpletons!

Tuesday February 26, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

I find it appalling that deputy prime minister Mark Brown still continues to treat the public as simpletons, with his on-going and constant mixture of disseminating news of all sorts of varieties; truth, half-truths, real news, fake news, misinformation, disinformation, half-lies, manipulated BS and so on.



For instance, no sooner did then Demo MP Te-Hani Brown defect to the coalition CIP government, we then had DPM Brown in the media telling us mere mortals of this breaking news! As last week’s CI News letter-writer “Tumunu” had pointed out in his/her letter: Enticing deal for new MP.

“He was very quick to tell us the reasons why former Demo MP Te-Hani Brown was defecting and it’s obvious to us all that they had already planned ahead for this eventuality, with a range of promised lollies to sweeten the deal, as both would very soon reveal and confirm to the nation.

Especially because no sooner had DPM Brown announced MP Brown’s defection, he quickly followed that news by making the point that the ongoing infrastructure projects would continue in Atiu.” Furthermore: “… MP Brown confirmed her defection while also acknowledging the DPM’s statement and confirming it as the reason why she decided to leave the Demos …

DPM Brown in CI News’s January 23 front-page article Govt says Te-Hani to defect: “She is supporting the government based on the work … to continue with those development works.”

Unequivocally, this CIP coalition government enticed MP Brown with offers of infrastructure projects continuing in Atiu. It is wrong!

Now it is surprising that certain parties are trying to refute what we already know has been actually told to us by the DPM, and accepted and acknowledged by MP Brown, as her reason for the defection from the Demos. Stop trying to spin the truth to us DPM Brown, we’re not stupid and gullible as you’d want to believe us to be, far from it!

We know the truth and you know we know the truth, so let’s just leave it that.

And Captain Tama was right; like the rest of us, we already know that once the budget for any infrastructure project is approved, that project continues until it’s finished, irrespective of what government is in office.

So please stop misleading us, DPM Brown, because your own chosen words and actions are a clear indictment of yourself and your government!

And like the letter-writer in Tuesday’s CI News edition had suggested: “Please stop your whingeing!”

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia,                   

                Papa Williams

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