Nandi’s homecoming along better roads

Friday February 22, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We are so grateful that’s how Nandi felt on his return back to Atiu after his loss in the last election to young Te-Hani, because he no longer has to go through the dusty township of Atiu.


It took the independent Member of Parliament and Minister Rose Brown to quickly roll that out for him. No one ever denied that he did some planning during his time in government, just that he didn’t have the golden touch to make it happen.

So, enjoy the treat Nandi and stop complaining.

It’s not a lie that you did nothing because our people didn’t see the results that we now see, and not just plans! You say you bought $5 million over to Atiu, but there is nothing to show for it. Or was that one of your own plans?

If you ask me, credibility is already in the community to support the person who is for the people of Tengatangi-Areora-Ngatiarua.

We are sick of broken promises for many years.

Te-Hani said herself, she will let her actions speak when we give her the chance to prove herself.

We’ve seen it, in only a short six months! Even people who didn’t vote for her see it and wish they had more faith in her back then.

We have lived here on Atiu for all our lives and we know the needs of our people, unlike people like Nandi who comes when they need something, and doesn’t live the struggles that we have experienced during his time in government.

What’s funny is he ditched his newly established party with very big hope that we will support his move. Those who are supporting him doesn’t know that Nandi is testing the water under the Demo banner with the ulterior motive still as a Cook Islands United Party candidate.

To our readers out there, we only wish that the bi-election is tomorrow because that’s how confident we are, irrespective of what the Demo executive says. Our MP is putting us first for once, and she is here to stay.

Tengatangi Areora Ngatiarua Voter

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