A moment to relish shattered

Friday February 22, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
A moment to relish shattered

Dear Editor,

Former Demo MP Te-Hani Brown’s election success in 2018 as the Cook Islands’ youngest ever elected MP for Areora-Tengatangi-Ngatiarua in Atiu, was a historical moment to savour for her family and friends.


As well as her hard working and faithful Demo committee, her loyal and trusted team of supporters who kept her Demo family united and focused, with the simple goal to elect her.

And as history will now show us, this dedicated team of humble, hard-working and   focused loyalists succeeded handsomely and, as a result, they proudly elected their youngest and newest  MP Te-Hani Brown to join their Democratic Party family, as our 11th elected Caucus member.

So now, post-Agnes Armstrong’s by-election victory in Ivirua, Mangaia, and the immediate days following; will the truth behind MP Te-Hani Brown’s defection ever be revealed?  What transpired between new MP Te-Hani Brown and her parents Taoro and Rose Brown together with her advisors and committee, was really no surprise.  It was simply a matter of time, because it was always going to happen, exactly as they had planned!

It would have been interesting “to have been a fly on the wall” during all these discussions/negotiations betweenthese parties, where we may have finally found out the truth behind  “Why, and how did this betrayal really happen?!”

I reckon this unbelievably selfish and self-centered decision by Brown’s advisors - putting pressure on her to leave the  Demos -  would’ve had her doing so under duress and against her wishes.

After all, for the first 24 to 48 hours following her defection, she seemed to “disappear off the face of the Earth”, while DPM Brown clearly did all the “Demo MP Te-Hani Brown defecting to the government!”  media talk everywhere.

I believe they needed all that time to convert her. Yes, she would have been extremely upset and angry at all her advisors, for now making her an outcast to her own people, and a virtual pariah within her country!

And the furore that followed as a result of this move, will forever impact upon the reasoning and consideration of any other future young person’s motivation and decision, of whether or not they would want to stand  in any future election,  simply to be treated so appallingly and with little respect, like an outcast to society!

So, the mind-blowing question begging, is now that the by-election is ahead of us - who will the people  really  be voting for - Taoro Brown or Nandi Glassie?!

My final comment on the outcome of this by-election is straightforward and from the heart. 

I do believe voters should teach Te-Hani’s parents and their supporters a massive knockout punch … and rightfully elect  the revitalised candidate,  Nandi  Glassie  as their MP!

And as for you defectors … you will  reap what you sow!

Good Always Wins!,



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