Absence of integrity in Govt

Wednesday February 06, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Re: CINews letter by Truth Seeka last week “Integrity has no place in politics”.

It openly and clearly spells out and reinforces the problem with our country’s social, financial and political conscience under this government.


This government’s desperate and immoral drive to remain as government and, as TS suggests by his castigation of the Demos, “... that this Cook Islands Party government will do whatever is necessary to remain in government, no matter how immoral or devious their behaviour”, demonstrates that they just don’t give a damn what we or other international observers may think of them, because they just do not care about the consequences of their immoral and devious actions, nor the social impact to our Ipukarea’s society.

Logically, if they did care, they wouldn't have continued their despicable behaviour.

And as Ghostbuster’s condemnation of government in his CINews letter of last Friday pointed out: “Statistics in recent years clearly show increase in burglaries and crime, arson activities and groups of problem youths, an increase in drink-driving, motor vehicle crashes and deaths, and an increase in youth suicides.”

Yes, TS, all under your CIP government’s watch. They certainly have a lot to answer for... Obviously, G’s condemnation of this government’s absence of integrity and lack of good governance, is likely a fair reflection of the many problems within our society

(burglaries and crime), and the many preventable problems our country has already endured as a result of bad governance these past years.

These include instances of miscarriages of justice where politicians are not held accountable for their actions, in at least two cases involving vehicle crashes causing injury, where they did not appear in court for breaking the law. However, if that was Joe and Jane Citizen, the police would charge you, and you would appear in court. Yes, one law for them and another for us.

Government’s arrogant attitude by ignoring the anti-purse seine and Te Mato Vai petitions, which were supported and signed by many thousands of people – clearly shows a lack of respect and care for our people with their legitimate concerns. Particularly afterwards when the crap hits the fan and we say: “We told you so, but you didn't listen!”

The Te Mato Vai overcost fiasco of $60 million to the newly adjusted $90 million figure, using the lame excuse by deputy prime minister and Finance minister Mark Brown of “a 5th order 50 per cent increase” - which means what, exactly?!  This is nothing but another example of more BS heaped upon us.

A good example is their decision to rush through legislation allowing the now infamous core-tax write off of some $5.1 million to benefit those who could and should have just repaid these outstanding taxes to the Crown, despite the Demo Party MPs vigorously opposing this Bill, arguing it was not in the best economic interest of our country. As many may think that government passed this Bill to benefit the few not for the economic wellbeing of all.

Yes indeed, this government’s immoral and devious style of governing us, simply demonstrates their lack of integrity as a government toward us, and enough is enough! We aren’t deserving of this treachery, which further corrupts the moral fabric within our society, and it has a real downward impact upon the degree of simple civility we express toward one another - which is why we seem to have a dog-eat-dog mentality within our society as a result of the nasty politics from this CIP government.

And as much as TS may approve of them, the majority of our people just want them to get out!

That TS dare mock Demo leader Tina Browne for maintaining a high degree of political morality, is despicable, and not deserving of a reply. However, clearly the CIP must be really desperate to implement such a strange strategy of savaging and assassinating their political opponents’ character, as well as denigrating members of the Demo team to obviously discredit them politically. How nasty and reprehensible!

But then again, according to TS and others of his ilk, it is apparent that this CIP government have no qualms whatsoever “to do whatever it takes to remain in government”, as we are only too well aware.

“Integrity has no place in politics” indeed, will be the legacy of this very unpopular and much despised government. And disrespecting and ignoring our concerns, will result in this government’s downfall.

            Papa Williams

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