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Calling for integrity and values

Friday February 01, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Calling for integrity and values

Dear Editor,

Truth Seeka's letter in CINews in Tuesday’s edition, wrongly and irrationally criticised Demo leader Tina Browne and Ngatangiia's Demo MP Tamaiva Tuavera and was cowardly.


And, as usual, doing so as a nameless, gutless and overpaid Cook Islands Party ghost writer. As his letters in the past have clearly shown us and continue yet again to show us, is nothing but a load of absolute rubbish intended to discredit the Demos!

Meanwhile, "TS" purportedly expresses and disseminates in the public arena this fake trash intended to spread the unbelievable and illogical notion that "Integrity has no place in politics".

So come on "TS", let's be honest okay, that's what you're paid to do, misinformation and disinformation, false and fake rubbish such as your letter! Meantime, in your very own home you teach, embrace, and expect your tamariki and moko, as well as your own family to uphold what you too were taught by your own parents and grandparents, the merits of morality, respect, honour, integrity, humility, honesty, truth and decency, as would naturally be expected of any and all families and all societies.

Do you not consider that we are all taught those very same values in our own families by our much-loved elders, and as such we would naturally expect our elected leaders to also embrace these very same values, and observe simple good governance and morals as all societies would expect, and be deserving of? Because all this coalition government has done, has further compromised and corrupted our societal values. 

Statistics in recent years clearly show increases in burglaries and crime, arson activities and gangs of problem youths, an increase in drink-driving, motor vehicle crashes and deaths, and an increase in youth suicide.

Yes "TS", all under your CIP government's watch! They certainly have a lot to answer for...

Because without these fundamental and moral values, we would have a society where immorality values such as corruption, dishonesty, arrogance, betrayal, deviousness, lies, and greed become the norm. 

The unjustified suspension of the Cook Islands Nurse's Association nurses and executives by the government in the latter part of 2018, caused huge embarrassment and loss-of-face in the international arena, and is a fine example of our government's idiocy and stupidity, at the best of times!

But don't despair people, because change is coming, and you deserve it!    

As one Mama on the radio last week angrily expressed: "Where is the morality and integrity of this government, a government which has lost the support of the people, and does whatever it needs simply for political survival, just so they can continue to misgovern us, which is not for our well-being and benefit!"

By offering "infrastructure goodies" (which many would construe as bribery!) to an MP to cross to this CIP coalition government, is the immoral aspect of this government, which simply continues to arrogantly maintain its absence of integrity with intended devious and reprehensible bad governance behaviour, validating the Cook Islands as no different to a third world Banana Republic like Palestine and Yemen, as stated by the internationally recognised Taihe Institute of China.

And so when promises of Infrastucture sealing of roads were made to the people of Mangaia should this government remain in power (read that as "but only if you vote for the CIP!"), their reply was: "That's your job as government to fix our roads!"

Yes, clearly this government has lost the plot and has chosen to ignore the late Papa Albert Henry's promise to his people of "No-one to be left out of the vaka!"

It is just using infrastructure works for political purposes and recrimination, which is well-documented in Demo MP Tuavera's "Muri Mile" of his Ngatangiia constituency, as the hard working and well liked former Rambo grunt has been telling us in his criticism of this monkey government's lack of haste to complete these works.

Which is why we're deemed a third world Banana Republic with a government too scared to call Parliament to sit ...

Yours in truth, 


(Name and address suppluied)