Integrity has no place in politics

Wednesday January 30, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Integrity has no place in politics

Dear Editor,

Mrs Tina Browne seems to have mistaken the realm of politics for that of a place where devious is frowned upon.

Her time at the helm I expect will be short lived if it is caught up in the “devious” work of the present government as opposed to her need to maybe be more devious then the present government.

Devious is described by Google as “showing a skillful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals”. One would have thought she would have looked for “devious” opportunities once winning the Ivirua by-election to form government.

I can almost hear George Gregan telling the All Blacks, “four more years’ boys, four more years”, as once again the Demo party have failed to do whatever was necessary to be in government. Devious it may be to those who sit on the sidelines as the final whistle blows and looking up at the scoreboard, once again have lost the game. If I was a Demo supporter I too would be considering the best option for my people and constituency as Te-Hani Brown has done.

After years of neglect by George and Glassie finally the work is being done in Atiu. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want that to not continue? That’s not devious, it’s realistic and yes, it’s for the good people of Atiu.

For as Tina so aptly pointed out no-one wants to be in the position that Tama Tuavera is in, and watch the money and infrastructure poured into Atiu while his golden mile continues to lack lustre. Still you can’t blame the government for his inability to get anything done in Ngatangiia.

Because apart from pouring “generous” amounts of money into “sponsorship” and building a water fountain, after 8 years of being on the Member of Parliament payroll, one would think he had figured it out by now, but instead, he would rather grandstand on TV and in the paper instead of as George Maggie has done - get the job done. Maybe like his business his wife should be managing his political affairs because as has been evidenced over the past 8 years, nothing has been done for the good people of Ngatangiia.

Tina needs to wake up and smell the frangipani, because integrity has no place in politics because if you want to have integrity and to do the right thing, you need to go join the church because integrity and honesty have no place in politics. Devious, I think not, cunning and having a contingency for every situation has meant Mr Puna has been able to outsmart, out maneuvre and out play the Demos one more time.

“Four more years boys, four more years”, George Gregan's harrowing call from the bottom of the scrum rings true yet again for the Democratic Party and its supporters. Maybe it’s advisers.  One of whom on election night, paraded a Demo win like it was a forgone conclusion. I hope he doesn’t choke on his humble pineapple pie because, like revenge, it is a dish better served cold.

                Truth Seeka

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