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Tuesday January 15, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
A reader says before we get too excited by the riches in our moana we should sort out our name. 19011421 A reader says before we get too excited by the riches in our moana we should sort out our name. 19011421

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Queen Pa Marie Ariki for taking the lead to re-start the discussions of changing the name of our nation – sorry, changing the Maori name of our nation - “Kuki Airani.”


Kuki means Chef. Got nothing to do with Captain Cook.

Airani does not mean Islands. It is a new composed coin word for island not islands.

The Maori word for island is Enua

The Maori word for Islands is Pa Enua.

Praise the Lord for the late Papa Tom Davis and the late Turepu Turepu who both refused to put the words Kuki Airani in our National Anthem. They put Pa Enua instead. Why? Maybe so that one day we may come up with a new Maori name. Well, that day is here.

As Queen Pa mentioned, the name Kuki Airani has no history, no genealogy, no meaning, hence no value.

So true ...

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,” – Proverbs 22:1.

“A good name is better than precious ointment,” - Ecclesiastes. 7:1.

“Let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach,” – Isaiah 4:1.

Before we get too excited about the great riches in our moana, let’s sort out our name first.

It must have a name that all Cook Islanders in the Cook Islands, and any Cook Islander anywhere in the world will be proud to say.

A name that commands respect, reverence, has history, great meaning, instils pride in our hearts, a name we can scream at an international sports tournaments, a name that states our Christian beliefs – for we are a Christian nation.

Imagine chanting this pe’e to our Saviour when He comes back. “Turou e taku Atu. Oro mai ki te Kuki Airani”.....???  

In that pe’e, I would want a new name for our nation that even our Saviour would like.

Again, congratulations Queen Pa Marie Ariki.

I stand behind and support you and the Ui Ariki in this great mission to change our Maori name for the Cook Islands.

Te Atua te aroa kia tatou katoatoa.

I am who I Am

            Chief Uri Mataiapo Taniara (Daniel) Mataroa

            O te Paepae o Tinomana, o te marumaru o Raemaru

            O te Vaka o Puaikura, o te tua Opunga ra o te enua

            Ko Tumutevarovaro, Rarotonga

            O te Pa Enua o ...............................................(Cook Islands)

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