Lawyer and former MP explains land court incident... again

Thursday January 10, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am compelled to make a short response to two anonymous cowardly morons calling themselves “Astounded” and “Truth Seeka” whose letters to the editor appeared in yesterday’s CINews.


Like startled snails, they lashed at me with fire and fury! What they said about me not practicing in the Land Court has been explained in the media and on public record so many times. The truth is that I chose to discontinue practicing in the Land Court and advised Chief Justice Weston accordingly. I can reapply to practice again in the Land Court, but I choose not to.

As for refusing to attend Parliament back in February 2011, it was a conscience decision on my part, a protest about the abuse of Parliamentary procedures by the CIP government to call an emergency sitting of Parliament to consider a matter of national importance – an emergency.

The summons to attend Parliament was with about 24 hours’ notice, and do you know what the “emergency” was? It was to amend the Civil List, put the then new Speaker on the payroll, then adjourn parliament again with no further business. It takes courage to make a stand like that don’t you think, tika?  

For the record once again, the Privileges Committee sat to evict me from the parliament, but when they sought legal opinion from a law professor, they were told to forget it, as they had no right and legal authority to do so. Fact check tika!

As for my response to Rebeka Buchanan of Punanga Tauturu, I felt duty-bound to set the record straight as an officer of the court. The inference from what Rebeka said was that the JP court had made the wrong decision by not punishing the defendant. My explanation about what the background facts were and situations where the court will discharge a defendant was meant to help the public understand what goes on in court.  

Judging by the huge public response with calls I received yesterday, it is heartening that there are decent people out there, unlike the two nameless zombies who wrote letters.

My message to Astounded and Truth Seeka is to build up your DNA for guts and courage, filter your thoughts properly, remove the toxic stench of bias and malice, then be kind to your conscience and put your names to your letters to the editor.

            Norman George,

            Barrister and solicitor

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